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The National Institute for Health Specialties at UAEU launched the Comprehensive Clinical Exam

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Al Ain , UAE: The National Institute for Health Specialties has marked a new era in medical education with the launch of the Comprehensive Clinical Exam (CCE) of the Emirati Board on November 18, 2023. This pioneering exam, created entirely by the country’s intellectual talent, sets a precedent in aligning with international standards, offering a comprehensive assessment of postgraduate healthcare trainees’ knowledge, diagnostic reasoning, and clinical judgment skills.

This initiative is part of the Institute’s strategy to redefine and enhance standardization and benchmarking in medical education. By integrating superior training, accreditation of institutions and programs, and rigorous assessment methodologies, the Institute is paving the way for certifying medical specialists for independent practice.

A key aspect of this visionary approach is the emphasis on cultivating core competencies for healthcare professionals.  This holistic educational model ensures that practitioners are not only technically proficient but also deeply attuned to the societal and emotional needs in healthcare, thus preparing them to adeptly respond to the dynamic demands of modern society.

With this launch, the National Institute for Health Specialties reaffirms its commitment to excellence in medical education and healthcare services, poised to shape a new generation of skilled and compassionate healthcare professionals.

Over 153 trainees from various healthcare institutions in the country participated in these exams. The clinical assessments spanned a spectrum of specialties, including Pediatrics, Internal Medicine, Family Medicine, Emergency Medicine, Psychiatry, Obstetrics and Gynecology, and Dermatology.

The assessment process involved more than 117 examiners, representing experienced consultants in diverse fields and specialties. This diversity in examiners reflects a commitment to achieving a comprehensive assessment covering various aspects of medical practice.

The National Institute for Health Specialties affirms its commitment to excellence and competence in medical education.