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UAE Women’s Realty Investments Surge To Record AED58.8 Billion Figure

Dubai Real Estate Women Investment

According to recent article published by Arabian Business, the UAE is experiencing an unprecedented rise in women investors, with real estate being the number one asset class preferred by female investors in the country.
Real estate accounts for 40% of total investments made by women investors in the UAE, making it the top sector for women investors. After real estate, technology is the second most popular domain for women’s investments, as 30% of total investments were made by women investors in the fiscal year 20223, followed by healthcare which makes up 20 percent of women’s investments in the UAE.
According to Kashif Faraz, Marketing Manager at Grand Reliable, women investors have already pumped around $AED 58.8 billion into the UAE’s real estate market as of 2023 based on data from the Dubai Land Department. As a result, the cumulative volume of women’s investment in UAE has reached a new landmark of AED100 billion
This trend will further surge in the coming months, with the total investment value likely forecasted to exceed by 50% year-on-year compared to 2022 figures. Driven by positive market sentiment, increasing financial strength and supportive government policies, female investors are deploying more capital into Dubai and UAE’s resilient real estate sector. Kashif further highlighted that attractive yields, stability, and growth potential were among the primary factors driving women’s demand for property assets. Thus, with their risk appetite growing consistently, women are expected to diversify into both residential and commercial real estate projects across Dubai this year.
Although women investors have made significant inroads due to progressive government policies and supportive financial programs, they still lag behind their male counterparts. Male investors still dominate in terms of overall investment volume. But with more women actively participating in financial markets, and diversifying their investment portfolio, this gap will eventually reduce; and a parity will be achieved.