Subscription Plans

  • Special Package (Promotion)

    One time payment

    This package gives an access to publish 1,000 press releases on the website (which is sent to the social media as well) based on the prior performance and relation with

  • Pay as you go

    One time payment

    You can pay as you go, it just costs 5 USD to publish one post that lands right on the homepage of the website.

  • Gold

    Every 1 Year

    Press Release gold package that any serious business or PR agency goes for. It offers the flexibility required to publish a huge number of press releases i.e. up to 1500 posts in an year (including 100 Featured Posts) which are processed within hours (sometimes minutes) by our team for review and publishing. Use this grand package for press releases submission for your company or behalf of other companies by their authorization.

  • Featured

    Every 1 Year

    Submit 60 press releases for your own company or for others as a PR agency for Dubai or PR agency for UAE. This is the most selling and favorite subscription plan through This subscription ensures that your Press Releases are published with 24 hours.

  • Free

    Every 1 Month

    It is a free package, no payment or credit card details etc are involved. You may add up to 5 posts every month.