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Education Experts Discuss Innovation and Sustainability in the Educational Field

Al Ain: The College of Education organizes the 3rd Meydan Forum in collaboration with The Ministry of Education entitled “Towards Innovative and Sustainable Education,” which aims to develop the administrative and educational staff in education field and the students of the College of Education. The forum was attended by Prof. Hala Elhoweris, Acting Dean of […]

15th CSR & Sustainability Meetup Dubai “Social Media Essentials for CSR & Sustainability Professionals”

Sustainability Knowledge Group is proud to announce its 15th CSR & Sustainability Meetup on April 12th in Dubai! Our guest speakers will discuss the concept and value of communications in our demanding times and how to utilize the value of Social media for Sustainability and CSR purposes. Award winning social media strategist, Anas Almarie, will […]

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14th CSR & Sustainability Meetup Dubai

“United Nations Global Compact and the business case” Sustainability Knowledge Group is proud to announce its 14th CSR & Sustainability Meetup on March 8th in Dubai! On March 8th, our guest speakers will discuss the concept and value of UNGC for companies in the region and will describe the implementation process. UAE National Committee representatives, […]

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Introducing the ILM Approved, Sustainability and CSR Masterclass exclusively for the MICE Industry April 28th, Dubai

Sustainability Knowledge Group and BPA Worldwide have joined forces to introduce in Dubai the Sustainability and CSR Masterclass training for the MICE Industry! The Sustainability and CSR Masterclass for the MICE Industry gives professionals the confidence they need to discuss CSR and Sustainability topics, as it is especially developed for professionals starting their journey in […]

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13th CSR & Sustainability Meetup Dubai

“Sustainability and Ethics in fashion” Sustainability Knowledge Group is happy to announce its 13th CSR & Sustainability Meetup on February 24th in Dubai! During this event guest speakers will discuss the issues of sustainability and viability in small businesses. Special focus will be placed in responsible fashion and the case for sustainable fashion ventures in […]